yourways supports you with consulting services in all operational areas of aviation. For this purpose, we have a large pool of specialists, who gained many years of experience in well-known German and international aviation companies. Whether a non-complex operator or airline, we advise companies of all sizes and stages. For all of our consulting mandates, we represent the Lean Management approach, which focuses on the value chain and the direct contribution of each business unit to it. The most sustainable competitive advantage in aviation is still a lean cost structure.

Operating permits and operating extensions

We support you in applying for and extending your operating license. We offer individual consulting services, from targeted support on specific topics, through project work to the initial preparation of your operations manual or other fundamental principles of your future operating permit.

Process and structural consulting

A well-functioning airline is the result of many precisely coordinated processes, well-trained employees and revealing documentation. In addition to the classic process optimization, we offer concepts and processes that stabilize or improve mission critical processes or processes relevant to the value chain in your company. Hereby processes accelerate, become more cost efficient, transparent and measurable.

Care of your operating manual

Especially for operators in the air taxi segment as well as small airlines, we offer continuous care and maintenance of the operations manual. The services are tailored to your companies needs and performed in cooperation with your compliance management.

IT and system consulting

In recent years, much has happened in aviation information technology. Topics like Electronic Flight Bag are standard already for a long time. We offer solutions for the optimization and streamlining of your IT structure, for example on the basis of software as a service solutions.

Efficiency improvement initiatives

In addition to the classic Fuel Conservation Program, we offer various efficiency enhancement initiatives for your company. Amongst further, this includes initiatives for optimizing and streamlining your flight planning process, your crew planning, your dispatching process, your catering process, or your line maintenance process.

Entry Into Service of a new aircraft type

We support you with the planning and introduction of a new aircraft type into your company. From the selection of the right type of aircraft to the planning of trainings, the preparation of maintenance and operations procedures, its approval, the delivery planning up to the training of crews and technicians, we support you in every area, specifically or throughout the entire process.


Never before has the offer of professional and relatively inexpensive aviation services been greater than today. The outsourcing of certain units and processes can be quite useful. We advise you on the possibilities, risks and opportunities of outsourcing and accompany you in your initiatives.